Yiddish Club

Residents have conversations in Yiddish as a group.

Coffee Club

Residents will gather in the Lounge to enjoy coffee, tea and treats with their neighbours.

Shopping Bus

Residents get on a bus up to No Frills and do their grocery shopping

Comedy Clips Recall

Residents will view classic comedy clips and answer questions about the clip they viewed.


Residents will gather as a group in the lounge to watch episodes of Colombo

Mobility Workshop

Personal Trainer Colin will facilitate a mobility workshop for the residents.

Mobility Exercise Class

Personal Trainer Colin will instruct a mobility focused exercise class.

Drop in and Consultation

Personal Trainer Colin will answer any exercise related questions residents may have and recommend exercises that help them obtain their fitness goals.

Drama Club

Residents will practice their play that they will perform in the coming months.

Saturday Afternoon Musical

Residents will gather in the Social Hall to watch a musical, ballet, opera or symphony.