Yiddish Club

Residents have conversations in Yiddish as a group.

Coffee Club

Residents will gather in the Lounge to enjoy coffee, tea and treats with their neighbours.

Shopping Bus

Residents get on a bus up to No Frills and do their grocery shopping

Bi-Monthly Celebrations

Residents will celebrate any occasion that happens in their lives for the months of May & June with their neighbours.


Residents will gather in the Ground Floor Lounge to watch the TV series Colombo.

Drama Club

Residents will meet as a group and read off scripts for possible upcoming performances in the building.

Havdalah Service

Residents come together in this religious ceremony that marks the symbolic end of Shabbat and ushers in the new week.

Motown Music Brown Bag Lunch

Residents will gather together to eat lunch together and after will sing/dance to Motown Music.

Sit & Stretch

Residents will do various stretching exercises while sitting in a chair.