My children, who live here in Toronto, found this building and helped me to buy and renovate my suite, which I love.

Before I actually took possession, the very first residents who made me feel welcome were Sharyn and Reuben. Since that day in April 2010, we have been close friends. Then, when I actually moved in, I met Miriam Robinson, who after learning I came from Montreal, took me to meet the Feldmans. What a surprise for us! Malca, Zvi and I hugged and kissed. We had been next door neighbours in Montreal, and now we too, are close friends.

Now, I am active in the building… On the council, the program committee, I run the brown bag picnic lunch, collect the loonies for the bus driver to No Frills every Wednesday, participate in the art club, the Purim play, the Wagman Entertainers, and now the Oneg Shabbats.

I greet and talk to everyone. I do miss my many friends in Las Vegas, but now with my family and friends here, I am quite content. I am finally learning my way around this fabulous city.

As for what I enjoy, I love being alive… feeling good again, and being able to do the many things which are beneficial to people and to myself.