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I raise my “voice” with a hearty mazel tov for ten wonderful, productive years at this Healthy Living Community. When I first arrived here, in May 2002, I was first greeted by an invitation for tea at the home of my neighbour, Lil Rose, and by our beloved Monty. I was also invited to attend a social gathering which was ongoing in the Social Hall. I felt I had come “home” to be with a very welcoming group.

I was privileged to serve for a number of years on the popular Refreshments Committee, then with the Program Committee, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I send thanks to the Special Events group. We must acknowledge the magnificent contribution of the Dan Family, which has allowed us to spread ourselves outside of our own walls… to shop and be transported to places of entertainment and learning. We appreciate the staff members who help in many ways to make our lives easier.

Sincere appreciation also to a number of new residents who have introduced informing and learning projects which are very interesting and enjoyable to all.

As many of us have left comfortable homes in various places, often after tragic occurrences in our families – we appreciate the welcoming friends who are now part of our “mishpoche” (as Monty describes us). My children and “old” friends often come to visit, and all are impressed with the welcoming atmosphere they see here. I agree with them: ergo my decision to spend my “aging years” as a resident here, as long as I am able. I am content.


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