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My Second Home
It was the end of June 2001 when I was given a challenge by Ms. Janet Volks of Andrejs Management, who became our first Property Manager, to supervise a new building for Seniors – a pilot project by Baycrest. She told me that this was to be a condominium for people who are 65 years old and above.
I have worked in Commercial and Industrial buildings before and the job was new for me, but without hesitation I accepted the challenge. I was then instructed to report to the site to meet somebody who would show me the place and tell me how to run the condo. I was presented by Mr. Evans (retired) from our Security company to Mr. Edwin Goldstein and I can still remember his words, ” I have to do my best to let the Residents feel that this is their home,” and not to be too strict on the security so they wouldn’t feel controlled yet not so lenient that they will not feel secure. From the first day I started working, I became part of a bigger family. It’s been a wonderful experience for 10 years, so much so that I call this place my second home. Thanks to all the residents for the love and trust you have given me in serving you and I look forward to continuing working with you.


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